Shelly Richards Photos

Any information on Shelley Maree Richards would be greatly  apprieciated.

  • #1 written by Peter Penny
    about 3 years ago

    Its a shame that shelley so young and nieve couldn’t c how much of a fool she was treated..she was happy working but wasnt really told or found out until it was too late..i was with her the day she got has not only proven how harry and peter could use her like that ..i understand how pissed thevinvesters r..learn this never sign a contract with out a lawyer.harsh lesson for all and i hope u all got compensated. .but an illegal contact is legal as soon as those scumbags let u sign your life savings away…what gets me u all got photos of shelley..but weres their faces??she was on an award wage..harry took the whole lot.why ????why why??shelley left that industry.and now is a mother of two beautiful kids..i dont want no harm come to them .they r my two children who god blessed us with..ever since this scam was prosecuted beleive u me KARMA has not made life easy for her and the kids.silly silly shelley.

  • #2 written by Gold Coast Lad
    about 2 years ago

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