Known sports scam companies

This information has been provided by Alan Seymour ( a well known legitimate and successful arb trader )

Scams To Avoid

Although my overall experience with sports arbitrage has been very positive and profitable, there have been a number of companies I have dealt with which, frankly, conned me. Some losses have been small and just irritating, whilst others have been substantial and quite painful to bear.
Everything here is an expression of my personal opinions based on my personal experience, written not out of rancour but just to act as a warning to you to exercise caution.
Of late, there have been a large number of companies, mostly from Australia, which have been selling sports arbitrage software for up-front sums in excess of $5,000. There are numerous stories on the web about how these operations are cons – it’s actually so bad that the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has released a warning which, unfortunately, seems to attack sports arbitrage itself as well as the types of scam described here.
There are some basic things to keep in mind to protect yourself from such a scam without losing out on the opportunities that sports arbitrage can give you:
1. If a company tells you that they will trade with your money or your behalf, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. These operations are Ponzi schemes, it’s as simple as that. They will appeal to your greed by offering you impossibly large returns & they will suggest that you start by investing a small amount to give you confidence. Of course, you will receive some interest back on this initial investment because the end-game for them is to get a large investment before they disappear with your money.
Be careful; there are individuals who have lost as much as $50,000 to these types of scams.
2. If a company wants to sell you software for a large upfront fee, and uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to make a decision, just back away. These companies make promises that are impossible to keep and they will make it sound as though they have software that does things that no other can do. It’s all lies and that’s why they want your money upfront in a big lump. If they were able to deliver what they promise, then they would operate a subscription service – it would yield more for them over the long-term if they deliver and it would give their customers the ability to cancel if they don’t.
Here is a curent list of known scams as desribed above:
***New Scam Alert***
A new breed of scams has recently started to surface; companies claiming to enable ‘auto-betting’ of your funds. The sites are very slick and very convincing, preying on the general public’s lack of knowledge and, of course, greed.
The most prominent of these currently is ‘Quarta Dimensio’
Other well-known scams:
* Kirkberry Pty Ltd
* Draven Group
* SportsSureWin
* ArbitrageUnion
* ProActivtrader
* GoldNuggetInvest
[GNI has now defaulted on clients funds]
* DT Platform
* MGM Sports
* GSI Global Sports Investment
* Global Success Trader
* XFT Sniper
* Baranstone and
* TradeSmart Technologies
* Global Arbtraders
* WTS or
* Rhodes Peninsular Investments
* Oz Future
* Spectre Trading
* Spectre holdings
* Blue Point Trading
* Cohen Strachan Investments CSI
* AusSoft
* Globalsoft
* Reevera
* St Gallens Investments
* Suncity Equities and Investments
* Forbes International Trading
* Pro arb Traders
* AFL Arbs
* Standford & Associates
* Kinsealy Software
* Sort Traders
* X Software Solutions
* Profit From Differences
* Data S Trading                                      : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Everyday trading                                   : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* One True Form                                     : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Premium Lifestyle Solutions                   : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Sports Professionals                             : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Managed Wealth Creations                   : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Archleaf                                                : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Nouvallie                                              : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* International Trading Solutions               : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Trading on the next level                       : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Next level Trading                                : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Chaseport Trading                               : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Chaseport                                           : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Tradesafe Australia                               : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* Tradesmart                                          : Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
* RBS Australia                                        : Harry Omeros using alias of Peter Lucas ( a former employee )
* Comsec Software                                  : Harry Omeros
* Market Trading Australia                       : Harry Omeros
  • #1 written by Nouvallie
    about 8 years ago

    Nouvallie is a total scam. We are stealing your money. Don’t give us anything. Don’t trust us. We are liars. Nothing we say is true. Steve Wilson, Sam Johnson, Gina Martin will all be in gaol soon.

  • #2 written by Rosina
    about 7 years ago

    Does any one know anything about Cavallerie Wealth Generation

  • #3 written by whoknows
    about 6 years ago

    All I want to know is if Shelley Richards has been Harrys long time partner in crime, why today tonight also did not speak to her and why this website doesn’t go after her more or why there isn’t a Shelley site. Go after Shelley for a bit.

  • #4 written by Fred
    about 2 years ago

    Hey Harry I bet you visit this site often, just remember there is a prisoner waiting for you to bend over

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