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Ripped off $55,000 by Harry Omeros

Report # OZ-RIP-101623
Harry Omeros ripped me off $55,000 blind.. But his time is running out, Shelley Richards is the one to chase and im sure when it all comes to head she will roll over on Harry. Lawyers, Banks etc are so onto it..

International Trading Solutions
Harry Omeros Shelley Richards
Gold Coast, Gold Coast, QLD

Reported By: Scammed by Harry Omeros, Gold Coast QLD

Category: Forex


I was contacted by Shelley Richards and Brook ( Samantha Sleep ) to start with then passed onto Shane Davies ( Harry Omeros )

The good thing about using false Names, Addresses, Websites is its all a complete fraud not a civil case.

Civil comes later when all your assets and family assets get seized.

If anyone else needs to know where to report there case as a fraud I am more then willing to pass on the information.

Harry offered me Forex trading where there was no risk and it was not a gamble
( trust me you are going to make alot of money )

He sucked me into investing $55,000 telling me with this amount of colateral in my trading account I could make alot of money weekly.

I was promised a trading account with the $55,000 visible in it and access to that money when I needed it.
I never received that trading account or since havent received any proof of any account.

I also had a two week cooling off period in my contract and contacted banks within this two weeks and they are working on recovering these funds for me. ( Tip Harry dont mess with Banks ) They have the resources and can track every account ( Lucky for me we use the same Bank ) made easier..

After not receiving any account and getting the old ( we are going so well ) I will call you back in half hour im just in the trading room trick I got very anxious thats when I recalled my funds in that two weeks.

I also recorded every conversation since day one and have every email from these guys and trust me
( Sorry Harry stole your line ) I will get my money back Harry and Shelley.

I will also be posting all these emails and complete conversations we had on a website that is already set up for our friend Harry Omeros.

Oh yer Harry I will be bringing all this information in my ” nice little breif case ” to court.

The sad part is Harry you have put Shelley Richards right into the spot light using her as the Director of your companys. You know what happens when the heat goes onto someone like Shelley, They take the easy option and tell all..

The easy option for you and Shelley right now is returning my money, If not Harry im sorry too my friend

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Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

1/ How long ago were you scammed.? 2/ Did this Harry guy actually put money into any account with your name on it? 3/ Did Harry constantly change phone numbers to avoid you? 4/What evidence did Harry show you that your money was, were it was meant to be?

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

If this Omeros guy never put your money into any trading accounts under your name, you have got him cold for fraud. That can easily be written up as theft by deception. You need to go to the Police now and make a statement. Make sure you contact the QLD Fraud Squad Southern Investigation unit. They should be very interested to see if what you say is true. IF it is true, OMEROS GOES TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.00

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

Omeros has been scamming for quite a few years now. He wouldn’t be that sloppy not to cover his tracks. Even Omeros knows you just can’t take 55K and put it in your own bank account and keep it.

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

Davenport did the same thing. I don’t understand how these guys think that they wont get caught. If you just take your victims money and put it in your own personal account, you will go to jail every time. He surely must have opened an account for you?

Author: Scammed by Harry Omeros
Location: Regional, SA

Thanks the bean counter but a step ahead went to the police a week into my contract. They have all the information Harry and Shelley are definatley not passing go or coolecting anymore money soon. Yes thats right I never received any accounts with my name etc. TOTAL FRAUD think they got greedy this time maybe Alan Davenport might ring a bell.

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

FAAAAARK Good night Omeros. Might have to leave the country Harry.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Omeros will be on the run now. Why is Shelley Maree Roberts implicated in all of this?

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

I still find it very hard to believe that Omeros just took your money cold. Even he knows you cant do that and not go to jail. He might be stupid, but he’s not that sloppy. I would like to see a post from the scamee, showing more evidence before I start jumping up and down with joy.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Omeros will turn into his alter ego THE GINGERBREAD MAN. What sought of wanker would call himself that. Aren’t you just daring people to go and find you when you call yourself the Gingerbread Man.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Please post some of Omeroses e mails. I would love to read them. See what the little grub is up to.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

LIGHTBULB MOMEMENT. Omeros is declaring bankruptcy while at the same time he just scammed 55k . Don’t think ITSA will be to pleased to find this out.

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

This just gets better and better.

Author: Scammed by Harry Omeros
Location: Regional, SA

From: International Trading Solutions. – I have received, read and understood the offer – I understand that I am bound to a 2 week cooling off period upon entering into this agreement – If my application is accepted I agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of this guarantee • Open a trading account with a designated agency of International Trading Solutions • Maintain the account for the period of the guarantee • Comply with licensing obligations • Send documents back to International Trading Solutions via email or fax. • Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned conditions will leave the guarantee null and void • If International Trading Solutions is forced to suspend trading due to a national emergency, terrorism, war, any government laws or regulations beyond our control or any acts that are deemed to be beyond our reasonable control as a company. The guarantee will be null and void. (i) Upon entering into a license agreement with International Trading Solutions and paying the amount of $55,000.00 (Fifty Five Thousand Dollars) GST inclusive International Trading Solutions Guarantees, subject to the under mentioned conditions that International Trading Solutions will guarantee that unless we don’t generate you a $85,000 profit in a period of 6 months we will refund your initial outlay back into your nominated bank account. (ii) Upon entering into a license agreement with International Trading Solutions and paying the amount of $55,000.00 (Fifty Five Thousand Dollars) GST inclusive International Trading Solutions Guarantees, subject to the under mentioned conditions that International Trading Solutions will guarantee that your initial investment will never be at risk. We take full responsibility of your initial investment at all times throughout the (12) Year service period. Failure to comply with this, we will refund your initial outlay back into your nominated bank account. (iii) Upon entering into a license agreement with International Trading Solutions and paying the amount of $55,000.00 (Fifty Five Thousand Dollars) GST inclusive International Trading Solutions Guarantees, subject to the under mentioned conditions that International Trading Solutions will guarantees that we will generate on average profit of $3000—$4000 per week or we will refund your outlay back into your nominated bank account. Address: Suite 2, Level 24, 91 King William Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Web: Phone: 1800 910 408 Fax: 08 8125 6607 As you can see two week cooling off period, Thats why the banks are not happy especially when there letters get ignored. This guarantee come from Shane Davies Head Trader Please find attached the following documents; International Trading Solutions – Guarantee Please take your time to peruse the information provided and ensure all details are correct. Please send all relevant paperwork back via EMAIL: or Fax: 08 8125 6607 Please note that you will receive your tax invoice Thursday morning and will be contact by one of our staff members to ensure that you have received it. Sincerely, Shane Davies Head Trader Shelley Richards also sent me emails ( Shelley Banks ) Shelley is the sole Director of International Trading Solutions Please find attached the following documents; International Trading Solutions – Agreement International Trading Solutions – Guarantee Please take your time to peruse the information provided and ensure all details are correct. Please send all relevant paperwork back via EMAIL: or Fax: 08 8125 6607 We look forward to an enjoyable and profitable business relationship. Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday on 1800 910 408 Sincerely, Shelley Banks Executive Consultant I gave Harry so many opportunitys to return my money and this could all go away but he just thinks its a big joke. He had the opportunity to do it the easy way but guess his ego got in the way and he choose the hard way. Email from Harry ( Sorry ) > Hi harry, > > Well mate you got yourself in a real pickle havent you, Shelley must really like you at the moment seeing the banks, lawyers, ……………. are all chasing her down as you used her name as the director of your company. > > I gave you the opportunity and you obviously dont care, so you know what either do I how I get my money back. > > Seems the heats right on you at the moment and the chances of you returning my money the easy way are none. > > I like the way you just change phone numbers because your to gutless to speak to the people you scam. > > Like I said Shelley must really be worried with whats going on now and how its turned out that she is the one we are after. > > Yes you ripped me off good and proper I could except that if it was $10,000 and would laugh about it but $55,000 you got to be kidding if you think im going to let that you walk away with that. > > Yes you can ignore my lawyers, Banks etc but for only so long. > > Like I said I took out a insurance policy ( you think im stupid ) All that $55,000 wasnt mine I have some friends who are also involved with that money and really want it back. > > Trust me they will get it so you and Shelley really have a choice.

> > You return the $55,000.

> > Whats it going to be Harry?? Sorry ……….. you will have to take me to court. The company is bankrupt and we couldn’t afford to keep going sorry ………….. Were did you get this email. > Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 14:12:54 +1100 > From: > To: > Subject: Hi Harry hows my $55,000 More to come……….

Author: The Bean Counter
Location: Regional, WA

Sorry ……….. you will have to take me to court. The company is bankrupt and we couldn’t afford to keep going sorry ………….. WHen did Omeros send you this e mail? What date did he tell you he was bankrupt?

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

You should have given your money to Harry’s new company. Simple trading online. They are still trading at the time of writing. They are just waiting for a big fish to hook and then they will repeat the excercise over and over again. 55K is a good $ for Omeros from one person. No wonder he sent the company broke to cover his arse. Omeros would open and shut a new company every week if he could get 55K. Omeros laughs at ASIC. He thinks they are a joke cause they never do anything of substance to stop him from registering new companies.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

It appears Harry has made a major error AGAIN. According to the dates of bankruptcy, Harry was a bankrupt when he scammed this 55K. Bet he never declared it.

Author: Michael Angelo
Location: Gold Coast, QLD

We need to find out what assets Omeros told the court he had, and then go and tell the court what he forgot to tell them. What little goodies has Omeros been stashing away for a rainy day?

Author: Scammed by Harry Omeros
Location: Regional, SA

Harry just doesnt learn I thought he was a smart man but after the conversations over the weekend 0427 086 166 ( He is changing this number today ) I have come to the conclusion he really is stupid.. As if $55,000 wasnt enough he tried to sell me a new program worth $200,000, like seriously Harry why wouldnt I want that, I would go well with the other program I got ( Thats right I didnt get anything ) He claims he has done nothing wrong, Pretty sure you have Harry or are you really that stupid

Author: Dan H
Location: Sydney, NSW

Well i think your all wrong, i just lost 476k and if you go to the police they tell you that fraud is a low priority case. i have now got PI working on the case to get it to a level where i can get them charged. so police wont do shit to help you. you have to do it all urself, the thing is you have to catch them. its not hard to set up $2 companies and run away. its that easy its bullshit and thats why i cant wait to the liberals release a voice for SME and ppl like this poor guy and myself so we have a voice to help us! good luck mate. praying.

Author: Dan H
Location: Sydney, NSW

mate im feeling for you. i have my friends finding out info for you, i know ppl in industry. hopefully i find more info for you champ.

Author: Scammed by Harry Omeros
Location: Regional, SA

Cheers Dan, I have a heap of info on him and Shelley but any info you can get would be great too. This is how stupid he is , I offered him the chance to keep $10,000 and return me $45,000 for him just being a great bloke and helping me out ha ha ha As I explained to Harry that either way its going to cost me to chase my money up so instead of giving it to someone else he could have the $10k but his answer was I havent done anything wrong. Are you serious Harry you take my $55k I offer to give you $10k and cool off all the actions being taken against you and you are still a smart ass about it. Im not sure you understand that every dog has his day Harry ,and thanks to all the stuff ups you done with my guarantee your`s isnt far away.

Author: Woofa01
Location: Regional, VIC

Try or U-tube Harry Omeros Andrew has plenty of ammo to send this C***t to gaol

  • #1 written by Keep It Safe
    about 8 years ago

    Is Nouvallie a scam? As I couldn’t find anything online or with the agencies about this company when I looked at investing with them, I thought I might share my own personal story with you in case you find it helpful.

    In May 2010 I was looking at opportunities to for home businesses or passive income to help me give up a day in the office to spend more time with my family. After making enquiries to a few online home business sties, I started received emails and phone calls offering a licence allowing Nouvallie to bet on my Betfair account using a laybetting methodology that would generate $55k a year. The first day they placed 5 bets all winning returning $281. In the 3 weeks since then has been no activity despite calling them.

    At first I ignored the offers but I continued to receive calls and emails over a number of weeks. The salesman said in his email and his phone calls that his name was Sam Johnson, Executive Consultant, and the sales pitch included a claim that the program was tried and tested and the new system was only recently opened because Betfair had been finally granted a licence in Australia for lay betting. Nouvallie had a number of licences they were permitted to sell but the number was restricted by state. In NSW there were apparently three licences left. This is a mixture of true facts that were verifiable and others that were not and may not have been true.

    The company has a website and sent me some .pdf files and examples of what they said were real trading accounts of it’s customers. These were in screenshot format and looked like they were taken right from their system. I was told I could expect to receive $55,000 a year on a lay bet licence starting with a balance of $1,000 if I left the winnings in their to be leverage for each incremental bet.

    I was sceptical and asked questions, including “if it’s so good why are you selling it?” and the answer was that the laybetting licences were available but restricted , so their business model was to take commission of every winning bet, so that more licence they could secure for their customers the more revenue they earned in commission.

    I checked their ACN, the Australian Company number registered with the ASIC regulator, which was valid on the government website. They also said that anybody with an ABN (Australian Business Number) could claim the program as a tax deduction and get a GST refund. The company address on all of the correspondence was : Address: Level 18, Central Park, 152-158 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000; Ph: 1800 085 030 Fax:08 63 144 617; Email:, Website: , ACN: 138 010 545 ABN: 43 138 010 545. I used to work at this address and know it to a prestigious and expensive location.

    I took up the offer and transferred $5,800. I was called the next morning by Gina Martin, Customer Relations, Wealth Creation Division. She talked me though logging on and creating a Betfair account online. Nouvallie was provided with password too, so they could bet with my account. I opened the account with $1,000. Betfair checked my id and also called me to verify my account details. I was all set.

    That afternoon however a new person called me, Steve Wilson, VIP Account Manager. His mobile was 0458 550 0410. He tried very hard to convince me about starting a VIP account, and a few days later after I had some questions, a licence suddenly was freed up from someone who had given up their deposit, meaning that the part of the licence I needed to fund would only be $10,800 not the full $15,000. The VIP account was to pay for traders to make overseas bets and trade on weekends. He guaranteed that if I didn’t make $2,000 in the first week I would receive my money back. On this day I checked my basic account and on this first day they had placed 5 bets all winning returning $281 on my $1,000 Betfair balance. That night I took up the offer and transferred and additional $5,000.

    During the next two weeks there was no activity on my account. I called the 1800 number and asked why there was no activity. The woman who answered did not give me her name but she said she would hold a conference call and speak with the trading team about what the hold up was. She also said looked up my account and said “oh yes, you are on the $15,000 package even though you have only paid $10,800”. I said this wasn’t relevant as the balance had been allocated to me after another client forfeited the deposit on their licence. She didn’t respond to that point. (I didn’t understand why she would need to arrange a “conference call” to speak with a trader either.)

    The background noise suggested she was at home with small children. Within two hours I received an email saying that the Nouvallie number had changed to 1800 085 030. When I called this number there was a new person answer the phone – Jasmine. The background noise sounded like a very busy office with phones ringing and people talking.

    Steve Wilson, VIP Account Manager called me two days later, but his mobile number was different to the ones he had used before. It was 0458 006 868. He said he was returning my call and what the problem was. I explained I hadn’t asked for a call back, but was enquiring about why there was no activity. He called me back and said there was a problem with my account. I needed to put in an extra $5,000 or they couldn’t trade. I said I already had put in $5,000, but he said they wouldn’t trade unless I paid the full $15k licence.

    On a basic account they should have been trading, but they weren’t. On my “VIP account” they should have been trading but they weren’t. I was told I was covered for VIP licence with $10,800 but now they said this wasn’t ok and I needed to pay them another $5,000. When I said I would rather just stick to my basic account, Steve Wilson started calling me every ten minutes.

    When I didn’t pick up the phone, he started texting me. His texts said, ”If you don’t do this we will not trade”; then “If you do this you will start getting $3,000 per week and you have the $20,000 safety net guaranteed”, then “ You should do this it is the best thing and you’ll earn good money”, then “call back”, then “call back now”. I didn’t respond to these calls or texts.

    The next morning the calls started again. Every time I did not pick up the phone, Steve did not leave a voicemail. He just kept calling, leaving no messages. At this point I changed the password on my Betfair account, although Betfair appears to have good security and withdrawals can only be made to my credit card registered with them.

    So what is the status. No money was taken out by Nouvallie of my Betfair account, and no bets were placed by Nouvallie outside the rules they had provided me with (wagering less than 5% of your balance). I am $10,800 poorer through purchase of the “VIP licence”, but Nouvallie made $281 for me in one day of Nouvallie actually making lay bets for me with my account. Perhaps I should have kept taking calls from Steve Wilson. Perhaps I should have paid another $5,000 in the hope that they would start trading again. But I didn’t.

    So is Nouvallie a scam? As I said, I don’t know if it is a scam, if it is illegal, if it is fraud. All I have is my experience and I hope that by sharing it with you have read something useful.

  • #2 written by Anthony Jenkins
    about 8 years ago

    Just been had by Steve Wilson for 15K now he wants another 5K to continue trading,It seemed to good to be true but how conviencing are they all,
    Never sign anything with NOUVALLIE and NEVER give money to STEVE WILSON or JOE HARRIS or ZAC JOHNSON, its a scam.
    I will get my money and thats a bet i am willing to back.
    written by the idiot in melbourne

  • #3 written by melbourne guru
    about 8 years ago

    Anthony Jenkins:

    Just been had by Steve Wilson for 15K now he wants another 5K to continue trading,It seemed to good to be true but how conviencing are they all,Never sign anything with NOUVALLIE and NEVER give money to STEVE WILSON or JOE HARRIS or ZAC JOHNSON, its a scam.I will get my money and thats a bet i am willing to back.written by the idiot in melbourne

  • #4 written by Nouvallie
    about 8 years ago

    You are not the only one. Good luck going after him.

  • #5 written by reg011
    about 8 years ago

    hi im ediot to got scamed for 4000 dollars any help would be great on getting it back

  • #6 written by Irene Stubbs
    about 8 years ago

    Is Zac Johnson related to 69 yr old Ursula Johnson, who used to be one of Harry’s sales staff?

  • #7 written by ANNONYMUS EX EMPLOYEE
    about 7 years ago

    i have recentley worked for these people and word got around that they where scaming people .it was costing people a capital of 6,000 – 35,000 to investment for the package (where people could even invest extra money) where they were promisng that the money would be used to trade by their company and that over a year they would be earning more then double of wat they invested getting a minimum of $400 a week. if you ever get a call from Next Level Trading hang up, they will be closing up shop, most likely there will be no shop left there by friday, this is the most recent adress they have been trading from in their brisbane scam level 2 of 262 adelaide st. the person who calls herself the manager Shelly who was involved in more then just this scam her photos are on this site where shes trying to hide her face, her phone number is 0478189787.

  • #8 written by Vecta
    about 7 years ago

    Harry Omeros and Shelley Richards are total scammers!! I’m glad someone who has recently worked for them let people know what really goes on,for the innocent people still workin for them get out of there you don’t want to be apart of their lying scam,it’s not worth it they promise you so much and they leave you with nothing,they need to be stopped!! It won’t be long and they will relocate,change their names and numbers,too many
    people are on to them I just hope they get stopped before setting up again somewhere else and continue their scamming.

  • #9 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    hey nick dont know where harry is but if you want to find christopher pappas he is a office at bundal QLD phone number is 1800 127 068 ask the secretary when she answers phone for full address she is only new so she is giving it out for those like myself who want this scum off this earth HEY SHE MIGHT EVEN GIVE YOU A HOME ADDRESS FOR HARRY OMEROS

    Hide Comment Author Comment from nick 06/08/09 – 2:38am
    Author: nickLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    Thanks for that Blocka i came accross that one myself haven’t had any replies yet im thinking of trying the electoral roll dont like my chances with that one, my mate has sugested doing a land title search there cant be to many harry omeros’s on the coast at least you wouldn’t think so lets hope he didn’t put the house in the family trust

    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from AA 03/11/09 – 11:14pm
    Author: AALocation: Regional, VIC
    Harry Omeros can be contacted on 1300 594 559 ( one true form ) latest scam. Address is Suite 2 / 23 Middle St Cleveland QLD 4163. Jump on the web same scam, same text. Go get him and remember to post back so we can all see what happened. I cant believe Harry Omeros is doing this again considering his famalies high profile.

    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from AA 03/11/09 – 11:24pm
    Author: AALocation: Regional, VIC
    Harry Omeros address according to ASIC is 27 King Charles Drive Paradise Point QLD. date of birth for Harry is 20/04/1987. His accountant is Matthew Hicks 07 5572 0900.


    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from AA 28/12/09 – 7:39pm
    Author: AALocation: Regional, VIC
    hary omeros is gone gone gone, go to you tube and listen to harry CAUGHT ON TAPE. If you wish to become part of a civil action against harry please e mail to

  • #10 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Harry Omeros (Gekko Wannabe)

    International Trading Solutions tradingonlinesolutions

    International Trading Solutions
    Harry Omeros
    Green Valley, Sydney, NSW

    Reported By: Hamish, Sydney NSWCategory: Scams

    Harry Omeros


    International Trading Solutions

    what will it be next……

    Thinks his the Gingerbread Man, thinks his Gekko, but he is nothing but a scum of the Earth. And if you watch Gingerbread Man, he eventually gets caught and goes to Jail.

    Thinks his 5 Steps ahead although he doesn’t know we are 10 ahead of him.

    Explain up to this date how we have managed so easily to track you down and all of your mobile numbers.

    You claim the company doesn’t exist anymore, that does not matter one bit.

    At the end of the day employees you did not treat all to well will testify against you along with:

    Paul Wiseman
    Joe Anderson
    Trevor Murray
    Nick & Maria Zafiropoulos
    Andrew Jolly
    David Plummer
    Kristina Kershaw
    Andrew Jensen
    Peter Thompson
    Brett Sinclair
    Richard Doome
    Steve Barnes
    Rama Vangala
    Brian Dunn
    Terry Schram
    Timothy Paley
    Jeff McFarland
    Frederick Dixon
    Neil Blom

    The List goes on and on.

    Now Harry this information has taken a very long time for me to gather, but i have finally managed to do so, although you only ripped me off for a couple of grand i come to understand this is not the case for many of these trusting and good people, that have lost houses, family, and a lot more because of your scamming ways.

    You register businesses in other people’s names, so you THINK you can’t get caught, but this is not the case when we all go knocking along with the ATO and the Federal Police on your Kiwi Girlfriends door will it. She will squeell and tell us everything once she is under fire, along with all of your EX Employees.

    You see you ripped off the wrong people, signing guarantees; there is absolutely no way to get yourself out of that.

    I also know what you are up to now Gingerbread man, I have contacted the Director of BetonMarkets, by law those details that are given to you by your recent clients are not to be accessed by you or any of your employees, that’s a big fine right there.

    Harry you amaze me with how you torment the clients you have scammed.
    I know for a fact that you and your little lawyer from the Gold Coast will have nothing when a rough number of 71 clients all hit you with a class action, you will stand for nothing.
    There is so much more i have on you Omeros, so if I was you please keep posting stuff like you have previously, it is only helping me in my quest to put you behind bars.

    I have all the registrations of you Motor Vehicles, Latest Office Addresses, Your Latest home Address, where you go for breakfast, Recent Photos of you, I have it all, so keep running Gingerbread man run, run as fast as you can you Fat Fucking Scammer and don’t stop, because as soon as we find you, the rest of your life will be ruined.

    Any one else been scammed by Harry (Gingerbread Man) Omeros contact me on

    Lets see how he gets away from what he is just about to get served with.



    Lets make him famous people.

    P.S remember only drop the soap if you need someone to cuddle with in your cell.

    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from Click 26/09/10 – 11:46pm
    Author: ClickLocation: Brisbane, QLD
    But hamidido heard all those people including yourself signed a contract saying that there is no refund no warrenties of any kind so please don’t tell us your ten steps ahead when you ten behind

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Hamish 27/09/10 – 2:56am
    Author: HamishLocation: Sydney, NSW
    Harry i dont think that you are able to edit documents clients and myself already have with your signature on it. What a great contract, looks like you might have taken it from some other companies paper work. might that have been possible?thats an offence you know? Your contract states : Past Performance is no Guarantee, although we DO guarantee future performance. You tell us ill pay off your morgage, you like toys (cars), holidays , come on you and your sales people get new lines. and too bad that over the phone you seem to try and cover yourself by saying: where a potential for profit exists a potential for loss, come on who done that for you, definately no lawyer.? And you think that can stand in court when you get bent over with a civil action of 94 of us? I also have recordings of you fat little greek boy, telling me i am guaranteed this and guaranteed that, you think null of mouth is also going to cover you? because i can assure you it doesnt state that in any of these contracts i have infront of me. Keep going mate it is making this more interesting for me. See you soon Fat Little Greek Boy.

    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from Robo Cop 28/09/10 – 12:06am
    Author: Robo CopLocation: Regional, VIC
    Looks like our little Gingerbread Man has a few more enemies than we all thought. A message for our Harry: Can’t you see that the Walls are closing in on you. Everybody is getting just that little bit closer to finding you. The more enemies you make, the more likely you are to be brought down. It’s simple maths. What you have done to Shelley is a disgrace, how could you allow her to use her actual home address on an ASIC document. If Shelly really cracks it and goes to the Police they will offer her immunity for a conviction against yourself Harry. The first to squeel gets immunity’, play one bad guy off against another. That’s what cops do, they get lots of easy convictions this way. You had better hope that you have paid all your employess ( past and present ) all the money that you owe them.

    Hide Comment Consumer Comment from Robo Cop 28/09/10 – 12:22am
    Author: Robo CopLocation: Regional, VIC
    Oh No, their are lots of past employees who have not been paid by Harry. Now the shits going to hit the fan. What info will past employees give up on Omeros????????

  • #11 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Poor little Harry Omeros hasnt made enough money from his families world famous Gold Coast restaurant… Omeros brothers…still living in Daddys shadow Harry…..Angelo would be turning in his grave knowing your involved in this crap….how could you shame your family by getting involved in scamming hard working people out of their money…Does Uncle Nick and John know what your up to……do Helene and Sara know what your up to Harry???…they will soon my boy!!….We know your history you worked at Pro arb traders as green little sales person and decide ‘Hey I can run one of these scams’ and prove to my family that I can make money to…You little bubble and sqeek you should be ashamed of yourself…DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS LITTLE SCAMMER….I wonder what the family will say when they see the ACA cameras coming in though the front door of the restaurant on a friday night looking for you!!!!!…don’ t worry Harry It will happen!!! You,ve ripped off the wrong person!!

  • #12 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    This little germ has been disowned for his criminal activities by the Omeros Family.

    They have disowned him and he is now attacking family members who own respectable businesses.

    He is also attacking the people who have exposed him.

    Anyway Harry Omeros is a ring-in and an awful embarrassment to the whole of the Omeros Family

  • #13 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    How much jail time will Omeros get?

    Based on how much jail time was given in this case only a few months ago, Omeros must be looking at the same jail time.

    International Trading Solutions
    Harry Omeros and Sheree richards
    Actual location is unknown., Gold Coast, QLD

    Reported By: Private D, Gold Coast QLDCategory: Scams

    This information was reported on the ASIC web site.

    22 July 2010 – Mr Christopher Koch of Point Cook in Victoria, was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court to 13 years and 2 months jail on charges brought by ASIC.

    Between 1996 and 1999, Mr Koch promoted a fictitious, international, high-yield investment program where investors were told they would receive returns of between 50 and 150 per cent in periods as short as 90 days.

    Mr Koch received $1,742,000 from 11 victims. Mr Koch is required to serve a minimum of ten years before release.

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 18/09/10 – 9:43am
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    I’d be happy if Omeros gets 10 Years.

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 18/09/10 – 6:17pm
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    On 27 April 2010 – Mr Oliver Banovec, of Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW, was sentenced to seven years jail, with a non-parole period of four years nine months. He is a former director of 3 companies now in liquidation. He was found guilty of 5 fraud charges and one perjury charge following a four week trial. On 4 June 2010 – Mr Kevin Pollock , of Perth, WA, was sentenced to five years, four months jail, with a non-parole period of three years four months. The former director of of Perth-based property developers, the Pollock Group, was convicted on nine charges in relation to fraud involving over $3 million Omeros is cooked

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 18/09/10 – 6:20pm
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    On the 17 December 2009 – Mr Spartaco Fasciale of Moonee Ponds, Victoria, was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court to six years imprisonment and will serve a minimum of four and a half years. A former director of Fasciale Futures Trading, which was typical of a ponzi scheme, was charged with obtaining a financial advantage by deception, 10 counts of dishonestly obtaining property by deception and 14 counts of breaching directors’ duties.

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 18/09/10 – 6:22pm
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    One the12 December 2009 – Mr Michael Cay, of Greenvale, Melbourne, was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court to four years imprisonment and must serve three years before he is eligible for parole. He was the operator of finance and mortgage broking firm, Jewel Financial Services, which is now in liquidation, and was guilty of obtaining property by deception and of one count of obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 18/09/10 – 6:24pm
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    On the 17 December 2008 – Mr Spartaco Fasciale was convicted by a jury on four counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, 10 counts of dishonestly obtaining property by deception and 14 counts of breaching directors’ duties following a two week trial. He was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court to six years imprisonment. He will serve a minimum of four and a half years.

  • #14 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    International Trading Solutions
    Harry Omeros
    Green Valley, Sydney, NSW

    Reported By: Hamish, Sydney NSWCategory: Scams

    You see up to this day we have all been watching what Harry has had to say.

    I think his done, or maybe that might not be the case!
    Let him justify himself, because when court time comes he will have nothing left to justify and we along with our solicitors will know exactly how to attack the case, as there is not much more he can say to try and protect himself. So Gay Jamie and Click keep going with your defense.

    So from our point of view any people that have been scammed by this scum, do not try and justify yourself, as we want to save all of our energy and arguments for court.

    He might actually think this is all a game and no action will be taken, but I can assure you that is not the case. Harry give it a maximum of 2 weeks.

    You try and say you only change numbers and companies like you change your under wear, but if this were the case and people were trying to defame you and your product, may i ask what product you actually have to offer, besides for what you would call a service. If you were a legitimate company why would you not state where you are? Why would you not use real names (James, Steve, Chris, Jermaine, Shane and the list goes on)? And on that note the minute clients start to ask what’s happened to their money and actually find out who you are and what you have done, you change numbers and think it will all go away, but no not us we are like elephants, a memory that dates back years.

    Remember like you said Betezy need to keep a record for 7 years, but you should also be able to keep a record for at least 3years which will show how much you have actually bet for all of us. Might it have been once, twice or none? Who knows will you be able to justify yourself with this one?

    Yes Gambling is gambling; we would have all taken that with a fair whack if you had done right by us.
    Apparently this is the rumor, you take our money think that you can bet 5% or 10% and keep the rest and do a runner, and the minute we asked what happened to our account you say we went into a couple bad losses, i am sure that this will not be the case when we actually see the records.

    There are hundreds of us out here Harry and only 1 or 2 of you.

    He sounds like a big man with all the talk he throws around.
    And only if he knew what was about to happen, he thinks he has put us off, but people I can assure you that Click is Harry, with his illiterate vocabulary and Gay Jamie is not Harry judged by his inadequate view and understanding of this whole situation and his SLIGHTLY more intellectual vocabulary, Gay Jamie don’t drag yourself into something you don’t want to be in, we will eventually find out who you are and where YOU reside, we do not threat anyone on here we merely state that if you want to be dragged into a cat and dog fight, you should also be prepared for a court battle, because federal police will be able to track down everyone that has written and replied to comments on here, where the federal police will use this all as evidence.

    I can also assure you Harry does not have any team of Barristers he uses this as big talk to try and make himself get a hard on.
    He will not and does not know how to protect himself, Story has it Alan Davenport had the money had the power and yet he still went to JAIL, and apparently he also rated the best by statistics had the best lawyers looking after his case and what happened to him? Ha-ha he still went to JAIL.

    So do not fear this scum and his big talk, he will have nothing to stand on.
    He keeps on replying with the same stuff day in day out trying to protect himself your whole defense is all old.

    His petty sales spiels worked on me Gay Jamie.
    The reason being I do good by everyone in my life and thought this might have been my chance for a repay, They guaranteed and promised that I would make money and I believed them, being an Aussie I did not think another one of my country men could do such a thing to me and all of these innocent hard working people. And then I found out he was a fat little Greek boy.

    Questions: Unanswered at first.

    Answer: Problem Solved- Fat little Greek Boy. Not one of my own Country Men.

    Only time will tell.
    I and all these people are getting itchy feet.

    Keep it coming.

  • #15 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Gold Coast scammers get busted and charged. Omeros is next

    International Trading Solutions Nouvallie
    Harry Omeros and Shelley Richards
    Southport, Gold Coast, QLD

    Reported By: Private D, Gold Coast QLDCategory: Scams

    False identities and get rich quick scheme result in $2.5million fraud

    Police are urging members of the public of the importance of doing thorough independent checks before committing to investment schemes which promise very high returns following a fraud which has allegedly cost at least 52 people almost $2.5million.

    Detectives from the State Crime Operations Command’s Fraud and Corporate Crime Group (FCCG) have so far arrested two men as part of Operation Echo Bargain, an operation commenced to investigate allegations relating to an investment scheme located on the Gold Coast.

    The operation commenced in October 2006 and primarily focused on a company promising investors high returns by investing in sporting events, iron ore, a gas pipeline, gold and diamonds with little effort. It is alleged by police the proprietors of the company had assumed false identities and qualifications in order to defraud 52 people of almost $2.5million.

    In phase one of the operation, police from the FCCG executed a search warrant on a Parkwood address on March 4, 2010 and arrested a 58-year-old man.
    It is alleged police located a significant amount of cash and two handguns at the property. The man was charged with 27 counts of fraud totaling $1,357,222 million, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of tainted property and will appear in Brisbane court on April 19 2010.

    In phase two of the operation, police from the FCCG executed a search warrant on an Ormeau Hills address on Thursday, April 1 and arrested a 59-year-old man. He was charged with 27 counts of fraud totaling $1,357,222 million and will appear in Brisbane Court on May 17, 2010.
    Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group said this is just another example of the absolute importance of doing your homework before handing over your money.
    “If someone contacts you by phone and makes grand claims of how quick and easy you can make money, you must do your own checks. Do not take at face value the claims of someone over the phone or the internet – seek independent advice from a third party.

    “We are often called to investigate these so called get rich quick schemes – where participants pay high fees and have their money, which is often “invested” in sporting outcomes or risky mining ventures, locked away for long periods of time. I cannot remind the community enough how important it is to be vigilant and never commit money to people cold calling you without thoroughly checking their credentials and where your money is going. When presented with an opportunity, don’t get excited – get advice!” Detective Superintendent Hay said.

    Investigations are ongoing with police expected to make further arrests.
    Anyone who has been the victim of a fraud offence is asked to contact the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group or to report the matter directly online at the QPS website (Sports Arbitrage or Advance Fee Fraud reporting portals).

    Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. Crime Stoppers is a charitable community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.

  • #16 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Omeros owns a property with his father Nick. He has assets. 24 Abolone St Paradise Point. This property has been in the family for years.

    International Trading Solutions
    Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
    Southport, Gold Coast, QLD

    Reported By: The Insider, Gold Coast QLDCategory: Scams

    Not long now and Omeros will be in custody. Family members have simply had enough and want Omeros arrested and taken off the streets. He has damaged our family name beyond repair and he doesn’t care one bit. Nick will cut you out of his will if this keeps going on. He has already stated on a few occaisions that he will not visit you in jail. You have brought shame on the good family name.

    We plead to you to stop this scamming and turn yourself in. It will be much better for you in the long run.

  • #17 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Omeros is conducting business under his new name Nouvallie PTY LTD from Unit 38 / 4 University Drive Robina 4226. This address has been confirmed by two independant sources. He is definately there.

    Nouvallie Archleaf Managed Wealth Creations
    Harry Omeros and Shelly Marree Richards
    Robina, Gold Coast, QLD

    Reported By: Private D, Gold Coast QLDCategory: Scams

    Very interesting to note that the address in University Drive is the home address of Shelley Richards. She has been the faithful servant of Omeros for many years. She uses the alias Monique Ryan. This is a big slip up by Omeros and Richards. Why would Richards allow her home address to appear on an ASIC document. ( publicly available ) Once again the address has been confirmed by two independant sources. It is correct. She has been living at this address for a number of years.

    She wont be to happy when things go bump in the night.

    Hide Comment Author Comment from Private D 28/07/10 – 9:24pm
    Author: Private DLocation: Gold Coast, QLD
    Maybe Richards will turn state witness and give up Omeros to avoid a jail term. She has heaps of info on Omeros that will put him behind bars for quite a few years. Now that we have her home address, will she stay loyal to Omeros or will she give him up to avoid jail. A guy called Alan Davenport is currently in custody for doing what Omeros and Richards are doing. Three of Davenports closest business partners are also in custody. Denied bail and awaiting trial in November of 2010. Richards has a big decision to make!!!!!!!!!

  • #18 written by admin
    about 7 years ago

    Nouvallie scam same people same story as managed wealth creations

    Shelley Richards and Harry Omeros. You will get caught.

    Nouvallie Archleaf Managed Wealth Creations
    Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards
    Robina, Gold Coast, QLD

    Reported By: I know what you did last summer, Gold Coast QLDCategory: Scams

    The following is a summary of all the events that have led me to believe I am the victim of a fraudulent company called Managed Wealth Creations.

    It is owned by Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards. This is the same people that own Nouvallie. The stories are to similiar to be a coincidence.

    On the 22nd of March 2010I was contacted on my mobile phone from a person claiming to be from Managed Wealth Creations. I was asked if I was interested in some investment opportunities. I replied maybe and asked if they could e-mail me some information about their company and gave them my e-mail address. That afternoon they e-mailed me some information about their company. I had a look at it and visited their web site. On the brochure it had an ACN number for their registered proprietor which claimed to be ARCHLE PTY LTD. I did an ASIC search of that company and the company managed wealth creations to see if they were legitimate companies which they appeared to be. After much Google searching of their company, checking online forums and checking black listed companies I found nothing I thought was suspicious of a fraudulent company. I then decided if they called back and could answer all my questions satisfactorily I would invest in their company and purchase one of their on line trading account licenses.

    Kathy Chapman from Managed Wealth Creations called back on the 26th of March. And after a couple of phone calls and e-mails she talked me into purchasing a three year license with them for $5800 and a further $1000 to open my trading account which would be managed by them on They claimed the license with them costs $8800, but I would only pay $5800 now and the remaining $3000 would only be payable after 6 months and if I made at least $10000. They also claimed the way they made money was taking 10% of all my profits plus the initial outlay of the license.

    After this conversation I made a direct transfer to their nominated bank account which was a Westpac at Runaway bay Q.L.D. BSB 034-292, Account number 313724 and account name Managed Wealth Creations. After this transfer and me faxing them signed agreements on their fax number, a Monique Ryan from Managed Wealth Creations phoned me and showed me the account they had set up on my behalf at and had me change the initial password online. I then asked why the account balance said zero and they explained that it wouldn’t be updated until Friday afternoon at the earliest or maybe Monday. On Monday I called them on 1800 759 551 and their alleged receptionist Madeline spoke to me and said that it was a training day at Managed Wealth Creations today and they would get back to me on Tuesday.

    On Tuesday the 30th of March I called Managed Wealth Creations first thing and when their alleged receptionist Madeline answered I asked to be put through to Monique Ryan. When put through to Monique she asked how I was going and I answered that I was concerned that my online trading account still showed no funds. She replied that she had given my file to Trent Wallace on the trading floor and she would ring him to find out what is happening and get him to ring me back.

    One and half hours later I received a call from Trent Wallace who was very apologetic for not putting my funds through. He explained the reason for not putting funds through onto my trading account was that he had an investor pull out of an account that he needed to fill. So he was offering me an additional account. If I gave him an initial outlay of $5000 and it made sense for both my online trading accounts be opened together. So he was holding off putting the Money into my trading account until I decided on this additional offer. I asked if he could call me back at 11am tomorrow to which he agreed and also sent through an e-mail the following morning containing further information on the additional investment opportunity.

    At 11am on the 31st of March Trent Wallace called and asked what I wanted to do. After he answered some more of my questions satisfactorily I decided to accept his offer. He then e-mailed some more agreements which I printed, signed, scanned and then e-mailed back to him. I then also transferred $5000 to their same nominated bank account. After the transfer went through he rang back and gave me his personal mobile phone number 0402896778 should I have any concerns regarding my accounts. He also stated both my accounts will be up and running by 5pm the 31st of March. At around 5pm on the 31st I received a sms message from Trent Wallace apologising for not starting up my account and stating he will call me first thing tomorrow to do it.

    On Thursday the 1st of April I received no phone calls from Trent Wallace and his personal mobile phone number was not answering my phone calls. So I decided on Thursday afternoon as I was in Brisbane visiting my brother I would go and personally check out Managed Wealth Creations. Their address which I got from the brochure of their website was Level 36 Riparian Plaza, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane Q.L.D. 4000. When I arrived at level 36 of the Riparian Plaza I asked reception to talk to Managed Wealth Creations. They replied that they had never heard of such a company and searched all their directories for Managed Wealth Creations and the names of the people to whom I spoke to. After this I called Managed Wealth Creations and was put through to their receptionist Madeline. I then told Madeline I had rang the receptionist of the Riparian plaza and asked if Managed Wealth Creations had premises there as the receptionist there had not heard of such a company. Madeline from Managed Wealth Creations replied that the Riparian receptionist had obviously made a mistake. I then proceeded to ask The Riparian plaza level 36 receptionist if I could talk to her manager. Then after telling the Riparian plaza manager Angela (phone number 0733030109) my story, I asked if she could call Managed Wealth Creations and get to the bottom of this. Angela called their 1800 number and when put through to their receptionist Madeline, Angela stated she was the Riparian plaza manager and that she would like to know why their company was using her premises as their address and she had a very concerned Mr Nathan Leins sitting in her office. Madeline then hung up the phone immediately and the 1800 number has remained unanswered since after numerous attempts to get in contact with them.

    Since this event and after numerous attempts I have spoken to Trent Wallace on his mobile, he has reassured me that everything is OK and my accounts are up and running. When asked why I can’t see these funds he has then stated that my accounts won’t be up and running now until Tuesday the 6th of April. I then asked if I could have a look at their business premises, which I have been denied. I also asked if he could explain why the Riparian Plaza hasn’t heard of them. He has proceeded to try and dodge this question and then finally answered, “I think some of the company members have offices there.” I then requested that all my funds be returned to my bank account verbally and by e-mail.

    I have also done some investigations on the internet myself following my last talk with them. During my closer look at their website I have noticed that in their brochure on their website their registered proprietor is listed as ARCHLE PTY LTD ACN: 121 705 575. However on their website home page at the bottom Archleaf Pty Ltd is listed as the registered proprietor. In addition to this I Google searched their fax number which I have sent faxes to and received confirmation from that they have received. This fax number belongs to a Noel Springer of Nature’s Raw Guarana ABN: 41 710 413 814. Telephone number (07) 3321 9960. Address 4/23 Wellington Rd, Red Hill, Q.L.D. 4059. email: .

    Given these events I would like to attempt a recall of all the funds paid from my account to Managed Wealth Creations totalling $10,000.

    Trent Wallace is Harry Omeros using a false name.

  • #19 written by ICEMAN
    about 7 years ago

    Harry’s new scam was rbs trading his mobile number is 0467066595.

  • #20 written by ICEMAN
    about 7 years ago

    the other person in charge is Samantha Sleep her number is
    0434519146 call here to if you have been ripped off by real business solutions

  • #21 written by Coffee-man
    about 6 years ago

    Word has it Harry is opining a new business with business partner James Douglas From an insider …

  • #22 written by Guess
    about 6 years ago

    I’m not sure where some of these people get their facts from but James and Harry are not in business together. I think people need to get on with their lifes and stop chasing around harry. You are fully aware you won’t get your money back so stop wasting your time and money.

  • #23 written by Ashleigh
    about 6 years ago


  • #24 written by ...
    about 6 years ago

    1/64 Ferny Avenue Surfers Paradise. He is working here at the moment. Market Trading Solutions.

  • #25 written by Michelle
    about 6 years ago

    This guy is a piece of scum, I have been working for him also and just found out. He is not often in the office and you never get to see him much, NOW I KNOW WHY…. After doing some research I found out that Steve Obrien is really HARRY OMEROS!!!! I can’t believe he set up right next door to the POLICE Station in Surfers Paradise…. MARKET TRADING AUSTRALIA is his latest scam. I am so sorry to all the clients email address I gave to him, I am sick to the stomach.

  • #26 written by Harry is jail bait
    about 6 years ago

    Yes ,I got scammed by Harry (Market Trading Australia) ffs put this useless prick behind bars. Mike Lane richest man in babylon story you fkn dick smoker, Your fkd. Harry is fkd

  • #27 written by MIke Lane
    about 6 years ago

    I have known and worked for Harry as sales manager at Ferny Ave next to Cop Shop and because I couldnt write enough business for him , he sacks me the scum bag You cant trust him . his word is nothing and his obsession to rip off people will one day make him pay dearly the little insignificant no nothing Bad Boy, Bad Boy whatch you gonna do when they come for You .

  • #28 written by whoknows
    about 6 years ago

    Has anyone got harrys or sam’s latest mobile number or hotmail email address ?

  • #29 written by where oh where is Newton?
    about 5 years ago

    I was scammed by this low life maggot as well. Lost about 110k, including my wife. When I called Harry he told me that Newton had fled the country with my money. I heard that Nick Omeros ( Harry’s dad) has just bought Oceans by Omeros under the soul building in Surfers Paradise. Looking for Harry….. You may find him at Oceans by Omeros, Omeros seafoods restuarants, Runaway Bay shopping centre, Marina Mirage, 22 knightsbridge Parade East Soverign Island, Level 1/ 64 Ferny Ave Surfers ( next to cop shop) Thanks to the person who created this website. The exposure will hopefully bring him down.

  • #30 written by Judas
    about 5 years ago

    Does anyone have Harry’s latest scam information?
    Contract documents, phone numbers etc?
    please email me at
    much appreciated

  • #31 written by wayne paton
    about 4 years ago

    Does anyone know where that dirty fat cunt is as I want to drill holes in his knee caps he owe;s me 20k when I get through with that piece of shit he wont be able to feed himself wipe his arse take his dick out to piss and best of all he wont be able to tell anyone who done it you fucked with the wrong bloke omeros does anyone know where leah oshea is ill do her to slut

    • #32 written by mark
      about 4 years ago

      This piece of shit runs a restaurant call Omeros by the ocean at Soul in surfers paradise, today the restaurant was closed by center management because he owns more than 100.000 in rent, he is driving a white BMW and a brand new 300.000 Range Rover

  • #33 written by SANGBEOM JO
    about 4 years ago

    if you want more detail or something about him
    e-mail me
    i won’t be in aus

  • #34 written by Willam Thompson
    about 3 years ago

    If you have fallen victim to this scam please file a report with the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group of the Queensland Police Service.

    Queensland Police Service
    200 Roma Street
    Brisbane, Qld 4000

    Phone: 07 3364 6622
    Fax: 07 3364 6549


  • #35 written by Fred
    about 2 years ago

    Well Harry I’m sure you love reading this page as it must be booked marked.

    I hear through the grape vine that when people are asking for their money back that you are now threatening them with a contract.

    Obviously You have a lower intelligence IQ than your beloved dogs.

  • #36 written by Fred
    about 2 years ago

    Now if your going to do a claim do a ACORN then keep ringing the police fraud squad and ensure they have received it and actioned it
    do not give up
    This is the new way to do things, But they need to be contacted even though it says it arrived. You need to keep on hassling them about it.
    As the Acorn account is not that great.
    In fact every time you get new informaiton submit a new acorn and add the information to the new report.
    the more times they are told about it the quicker they might actually get off their butts and do something about it

    If you have been scammed by Harry and Samantha
    Keep submitted a ACRONS keep ringing them and keep on doing it
    Rinse and repeat

  • #37 written by Gary
    about 2 years ago

    Has anyone actually been successful and got their money back?

    Seems like a lot of people complain about it and nothing has happened?

    Interested to hear any information.

    Still working out what to do with him.

    Seems to be a lot of upset people like me and no one has done anything

  • #38 written by Roger
    about 1 year ago

    There have been several court appearances. The last June 6th.
    The next court action is 13th June 2017 at Southport Magistrates court

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