On behalf of everyone at Every Day Trading, thank you for choosing our Managed Differential Trading Service for your needs. Attached is your Purchase Invoice. The following are the services you will be provided by EDT, if you have any questions or queries, please contact us. Your account manager, James, can be reached at 1300 844 535. Your Client Identification number is – #11389, When you call, please have it handy so that we can expedite your requests.
  • A Trading Account will be initiated on your behalf. A Customer Service representative will call you and provide you with your account details within the next 72 hours.


  • After the trading account is approved and we pass the three stages of Security verification, the Trading Account will then be funded with your approved starting capital. Your account balance may be displayed as $0 for approximately the first 2 weeks in the month. This is nothing to be concerned about, this simply means that the account capital is currently being played in the market. If you would like to access your capital or view your account balance, feel free to call Everyday Trading with your account details and initiate a freeze trade process. Note: Trading cannot be performed following a freeze trade process, for atleast 72 hours.


  • One of our Customer Service Team will contact you within 72 hours (business days) and provide you with your account details.


  • Every month, once a month, trading results will be compiled into a Monthly Activity Statement and forwarded to you via any preferred method. From the Statement you will be able to view; Specific sporting Events, Event Dates, Event Odds, Event Profit’s, Opening and Starting balance.
  • If you have any other question, hesitations, or queries, feel free to call and speak to a member of our Customer Service team on 1300 844 535. Remember to have your Client Identification Number ready.
We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. If for any reason you have questions or comments, we are delighted to hear from you. Call our Customer service team on 1300 844 535, or send us e-mail at admin@everdaytrading.com.au.  You can expect us to respond to your e-mail within 48 hours.
Again, thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you.

Jermaine Riley
Accounts Manager