I joined you 05 Nov 08, and am just wondering when I will receive my Monthly statement (as per Dot Point 4 below). 

I have not yet received 1 of these at all, I rang James (my account manager) last month and he informed me that

the account was doing well, and had I seen the results, (the only account that I have any details on is the Betezy acct),

which were up in the high $900, (this acct is now around the low $500 Jan 09).

        I am finding it hard to explain to my spouse at what point we are actually at (up/down/indifferent).

Hoping you can shed some light on this situation.



This is the last ditch effort, if I am not contacted in response, I wish to terminate my account.

Reasons being that ALL I have received is promises and NO action.  I deposited my $5000.00 on Thursday

Last week, I have received no written confirmation of this.  I have contacted my (supposed) account manager

James Marshall on numerous occasions, only to be given more broken promises, and excuses.

        I was finally contacted this morning 05NOV08 at 9:46, only to receive more promises with no response.

I was promised (there’s that magic word again) that I would receive a welcome pack in my e-mail within 10 minutes,

 and that I would receive a phone call within the next 30 minutes, giving me a detailed report of the trading that has

apparently happened on my behalf.

        I have received one e-mail from Ezybet informing me that an account in my name had been set-up, and

I was to login and change my password, everyday since I checked the account to find that the funds available totalled

$0.00, I mentioned this to James at every phone call, and was told this some times takes up to 72 Hours, still nothing. 

After my last call to James last night I logged on this morning to find funds available $600, this is not the $800 that was

Agreed to at the start, and also obviously does not show any earnings.

        I am having trouble trying to justify to my wife that this is/has been a good investment, and I certainly can not

recommend this service (lack of) to any of my friends.

Please reply