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Dear Faithful Client,
We hope you’re enjoying the Every Day Trading, Advanced Sports Trading Experience.
Due to difficulties in negotiations with our telephone service provider, we have been forced to change our 1300 number. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
The current contact details are:
Phone: 1300 006 759
Fax: 1300 010 725
Email: admin@edtrading.com.au
To overcome some issues we are currently facing with BetEzy, we are in the progress of upgrading our Customer Care Database. This new 3rd generation database will enable us to keep those of you who are unable to see your comprehensive list of results under your BetEzy account, a lot more informed and updated. With new SMS, fax and email features being implement, we are hoping to improve Customer Service dramatically.
We advocate, to those of you who are concerned, we are working hard on the communication problems, and we do hear you!
As for trading, everything is on track to reaching target profits for our clients and we are sure you will be as delighted with the results as we are.
Many of our ardent investors feel as though they should take full advantage of the unparalleled profits we have to offer, therefore, those investors who are in a financially stable position, seek to benefit from a quick, easy and simple account upgrade.
You can contact a member of Customer Service or your Account Manager on 1300 006 759 and the whole process, including doubling your average number of trades and consequently your target profits, can be completed within 25 hours.
We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible if for any reason you have questions or comments, we are delighted to hear from you. Call our local tariff charge number on 1300 006 759 or send us an email atadmin@edtrading.com.au
Kind Regards,
Adam Pinstone
Customer Service