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No current contact details are available for Harry Omeros

Previous mobile numbers for Harry Omeros include:

0434302233 0434302995 0434302802 0402897771 0402896778 0437006399 0408487063 0458006868 0408588829 0408588829

Alias AKA = Steve Wilson, Trent Wallace, James O’brian, Shane Davies, Steve Owens, Joe Harris, Zac Johnson, Adam Pinstone, Jermaine Riley

Date of birth : 20/04/1987

Attended: TSS Boys Private school Southport

Omeros family home address is : 22 knightsbridge Parade East Soverign Island Paradise Point QLD

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photo of family home

Omeros family phone number is 07 5564 1568 now disconnected ( Only contact the family if Harry has disconnected his phones and is uncontactable. Tell them you have given Harry a substantial sum of money and he has disconnected all his phones. Ask for new contact details for Harry to avoid having to go through the family again. )

Omeros has identical tattoos on each forearm. Both forearms contain the word ( infamous ) along with a drawing of an AK47 assault rifle.

Harry’s girlfriend is named Samantha Sleep ( she is fully aware of the scam ) Samantha’s sister Christie Sleep also works for Harry ( fully aware of scam )

Harry is currently driving a Black Audi convertable. His previous vehicle was a Nissan GTR ( silver ) currently for sale Rego : 093 MTA ( now repossesed ). Before that he drove black Mercedes ( also repossesed )

Previous scam companies run by Harry Omeros as follows-

Data S Trading, Everyday trading, One True Form, Sports Professionals, Premium Lifestyle Solutions, Managed Wealth Creations. Guardian Wealth Creations, Archleaf, Nouvallie, International Trading Solutions. Trading Online Solutions. Next Level Trading, Chaseport Trading, Tradesafe Australia, RBS Australia, Comsec Software.

If you have been scammed by Omeros you should first contact Police and make a statement.

Georgia SMITH

Detective Senior Constable 4010314

Southport Criminal Investigation Branch

96 Scarborough Street,

Southport QLD 4215

Telephone : (07) 55 714 238

Fax : (07) 55 714 211

Many taped phone recordings of Omeros appear at the bottom of this home page. He still uses the same MO after 4 1/2 years.